Meet our staff

It's the commitment and dedication of our staff that has brought our organisation to where it is today.

Here's a selection of their stories and why they chose to work at the Trust.

Josey Povey – Modern Matron

 "I started my career here as a Healthcare Support Worker and progressed up to Modern Matron with a lot of support and motivation from others. I've been really well looked after as a staff member throughout my time here and have never wanted to work anywhere else.

"The wards that I work with are special. They strive to deliver the best that we possibly can. It's about being innovative, and welcoming new ideas, along with welcoming new staff and the suggestions they may bring."

Nicky Audley – Staff Nurse – Ward 4

"A key reason why I wanted to come and work for this Trust is that they're very good with training and I've had lots since I started.

 "The colleagues I work with are absolutely lovely. The management team has also really looked after me since I started and encouraged me to learn."

Dan Platt – Ward Manager – Ward 6

"I qualified as a nurse in January 2009 and was actually accepted into the army at the time, but the opportunity to work at North Staffs Combined came up and I just knew it would suit my life better, as well as offering more chances of progression.

"Ward 6 is a fantastic place to work. We put the patients lives before their diagnosis of dementia, which makes it a really patient-centred environment, benefitting from a huge range of support for both patients and their families."